Whoops, I forgot one…

Look people, what do you expect?  I can barely remember how to spell my own name these days.  It’s a wonder I make it out of the house with matching shoes, let alone write a proper blog.  Last FAQ that got left off the list yesterday:

I want to help you guys.  What do you need? What can I do?

We’ve got things pretty much nailed down at the moment, surprisingly.  There have definitely been a few weeks where everyone was pretty frayed at the edges, but you don’t know those are going to happen until they are upon you and it’s too late to ask for help … #thisICUlife.

What has been, and continues to be, so helpful is all the love we get from friends and family via phone, email, text, and now through this blog.  Messages of support have gone such a long way to keeping us motivated and sane — I literally can’t believe how many dogged friends I have who kept reaching out, week after week, even when they got nothing back from me for months at a time.

That said, we get this question so much that I’ve added a new page to the site on the top menu.  Click away.  And thank you for caring about us.  We can’t tell you how much it helps.


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