James is Home

Uncharacteristically, tonight I seem to be at a loss for words.

I don’t think either ICU Dad or I believed this was actually happening until we arrived at our apartment with James in his car seat.

So instead of a full post, here is a photo that we’ve been dreaming about for six months and one week, where we exit the hospital with our little peanut and finally, finally go home:


Before you ask, damn right I did my hair and makeup for this day.  I plan to look at this picture for years to come, no need to see my hospital-chic high pony / chap stick / yoga pants look ever, ever again.

You hear me, James?  Never, ever again.

I love you, my boy.  Welcome home.


12 thoughts on “James is Home

  1. I’m so very happy for the four of you! 😀👏👌 This is the best news! Happy happy happy ! ❤️Love you all❤️

  2. You guys look MARVELOUS with baby James !!!!! Sarah will be so excited!

    Di xo

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Love crying at my desk at 8:30 a.m. Thanks for the tears OF JOY! Love reading about your strength, determination, love and amazing family. You all are in my prayers daily. Mary Ann

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