We’re Home Already

Family Surgery Portrait # ... ugh, let's not count.
Family Surgery Portrait # … ugh, let’s not count.

Man, do eye surgeries take a while.  J went into the operating room at 9:15am, and they didn’t wheel him out until after 12:30pm.  All for one eye!

Despite the length, James did remarkably well.  Because he makes doctors very nervous, they sent him straight to PICU for recovery.  But just an hour later, he was sleeping peacefully and back to the same oxygen support he required going into the OR.  In PICU speak, he returned to his baseline and since beds are scarce there at the moment, we got evicted early enough to beat rush hour traffic home.

I must admit, while I get twitchy walking into that PICU, the number of nurses, doctors and staff stopping by to visit, offer hugs and exclaim over and over again how big J has gotten felt good.  (15 lbs 6 oz people!  We are approaching the “normal” growth curve!) No one wants to be in PICU, but at least when we have to be, we’re in a place that is safe and welcoming to J, and to us.

But the best news of the day is that his surgeon thinks the procedure worked.  Whatever vision may remain in his right eye, today’s surgery likely saved it.  Chalk one up for the good guys.

ICU Dad on the case.
ICU Dad on the case.
Post-anaesthesia snuggles.

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